Mikrotik Consultation Service in Thailand

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We are based in Thailand but we extend out consultation services are not limited to Thailand. We are available for your company in Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and nearby areas upon special request. We are industry specialist and working in provisioning modern IT products to the consumers since past 13 years. Being the certified distributor of Mikrotik, we store the latest equipment your IT network needs. So, when it comes to making the best choice, do not hesitate to give us a call and our team of professionals will visit your company. We will assess your existing system and evaluate what you need to step ahead and meet the modern IT standards.

Are you facing some issues in your IT network and you do not have any clue about them? Do not worry; we can extend our remote support in solving your issues and finding the best solutions for your company. Though we cannot send our support to your company, we realize your trouble and have the ability to find out the fault and repair it.

Our remote support can be for Thailand and anywhere else in the world if the issue is soluble without any technical work on the real ground. We can check your network performance from our place and recommend certain software or hardware or maybe both to address the issue properly. We are the distributor of Mikrotik and can recommend you the latest hardware and software from the company that is available for an instant delivery to your place. Direct from the Head Quarter, these will be shipped to you.

Your system design matters for your modern company office. The old design systems lack several practical features that you need in your new setup. When you come to renew and remodel your office, do not ignore the need for renewing your system design. The new technology-based devices are coming in smaller sizes and lighter weight. They do not need more space and mounting them on a stylish rack on the wall is an aesthetic choice.

Whether it is system design or system choice, we assure you our best assistance in the whole update your IT network. Get more out of now for a great future and better living. It is time you get to know us and our solutions!


The fast advancements in the IT world require updating the existing networks in the offices and homes every short period of time. The businesses need to improve their product regularly and increase the revenue in order to beat their competitors. This is not possible without a modern, fast, high-performing and efficient IT network. That is where our role starts!

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