CCR1036-8G-2S+EM Review

//CCR1036-8G-2S+EM Review

Speed has core importance in modern networking. Slow transfer or slow browsing can affect the progress of a company. That is why you can see that the focus of modern companies like Mikrotik is always to introduce new devices to their customers that beat the previous devices in speed. Mikrotik core router Thailand is in the market with its killing features and speed as never before. And do you think that speed is the only feature that the device CCR1036-8G-2S+EM is distinguished from the rest? No, absolutely not. It has ten gigabits links. This is special with this new edition of the device only.

Get Mikrotik Cloud Core Router Thailand for Better Performance

Mikrotik cloud core router Thailand is now available in a new form with better performance. The company has added some more advanced technology in the final compilation of the device. Now you do not need to worry about the same old stuff that you were used to worry about when you were using the old routers and switches. The new CCR1036-8G-2S+ now has two SFP+ ports for 10G interface support (SFP+ module available separately). It has 36 core Tilera CPU – delivers great performance and ease at work.

Rack Mounting Mikrotik core router Thailand

The 1U rackmount case that comes with the device makes it a neat and clean gadget that is easy to use. It blends with your office décor and no extra addition is noticed. The modern device CCR1036-8G-2S+ has two SFP+ ports. The device is in optimum performance state with a serial console cable, eight Gigabit Ethernet ports, and a USB port. The high-end technology makes this device a reliable gadget for your business network. Mikrotik cloud core router Thailand is now available in market for easy purchase.

Power and Capacity of CCR1036-8G-2S+

Mikrotik core router Thailand comes with two SODIMM slots. Maybe you are in search of a big memory device that can suffice you for extended sort of work! The new device has unlimited memory in router OS. It has the ability to work with 16GB or even more. The new E model now is available in 16 GB RAM. For making your office network more efficient you simply need this new device. It is highly affordable and practical especially when it supports both SFP (1.25G) and SFP+ (10G) modules.


Product code: CCR1036-8G-2S+EM

Architecture: TILE

CPU: TLR4-03680

CPU core count: 36

CPU nominal frequency: 1.2 GHz

Dimensions: 355x145x44mm

Storage type: NAND

License level: 6

Operating System: RouterOS

Size of RAM: 16 GB

Storage size: 1 GB

Storage type: NAND

Suggested price: $1295.00

Tested ambient temperature: -20C .. +60C

Powering Details

Number of AC inputs: 1

AC input range: 100-240

Max power consumption: 69W

Ethernet Details

10/100/1000 Ethernet ports 8

Fiber Details

SFP+ ports: 2


Peripherals Details

Memory card type: microSD

Memory Cards: 1

Serial port: RS232

Number of USB ports: 1

USB Power Reset: Yes

USB slot type microUSB type: AB

Max USB current (A): 1

Other Details

CPU temperature monitor: Yes

Current Monitor: Yes

PCB temperature monitor: Yes

Voltage Monitor: Yes

Included parts

IEC cord

USB OTG cable

Screw and feet kit (K10)


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