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Find modern tech solutions you need to update your office and business place network. You can empower your business with our innovative solutions that come in the form of easy-to-use devices. Highly practical and efficient devices make your work more productive. We offer these new hardware and software solutions that your network seriously need from MikroTik – a Latvian company.

Our industry standard devices make all the difference that you want to happen in your office. When you realize that the performance matters and accomplishing your target goals is essential, you come to us. We provide you with your required technology with easy terms and modern solutions.

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    Cloud Core Router

    The New Cloud Core Router is now in the market. This is industrial grade manufactured with cutting-edge multicore Tilera CPU. The new offer comprises of 4 core versions: 9, 16, 36 and 72. The new system lets you experience unbeatable performance and unprecedented power.

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    HAP AC

    Wireless technioilogy is the choice of every modern user. Everyone likes to feel free of the wires’ ugly network around his place.

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    Mikrotik Wireless Solutions

    Mikrotik makes sure to manufacture wireless technology to be a real factor of convenience and ease in users’ life.


We are offering these modern technology solutions since 2005. We are the pioneers in Thailand to make IT take a giant step into the future. Our reliable resource of modern tech solutions is MikroTik. This company has established its name since long in the market of IT equipment for better performance.

Your office PC is the magic device that can uplift your business to new levels. It has the power of converting your production rate into double figures. The industry standard hardware of your PC and the modern fast routing system is the key to success no matter what your business is about. IT is for every color of the life!

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Cloud Core Router

The RouterOS software system was created in 1997 and since then, it is providing extensive stability to your entire system. With better and fuller on your network you make unbelievable progress.

Distributor of MikroTik

We are a distributor of MikroTik in Thailand. We make the solutions available in the country direct from the mother company. Since we started, our technology offers have become an easy source of better performance. We supply worldwide and not only in Thailand. The hardware and software modern solutions are directly shipped to your doorstep from MikroTik.

Update Office Hardware

Now, you can update your entire office hardware and blow a new spirit into your employers work power. It was never easier to get to your targets. The software and hardware solutions together make the IT happen in your office network.

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The new products of Mikrotik are committed to the future and committed to the people. Here is RouterOS. RouterOS is a modern operating system of RouterBOARD. You can easily install it on your PC. You can turn your PC into a router with all the top essential features. You will have in your PC firewall, routing, wireless access point, bandwidth management, backhaul link, VPN server, hotspot gateway, and many more. Simple system and operating style make it a more comfortable and trusted choice of the users. And you can install it quickly.


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You can be situated in any part of the world.

RASPBERRY ii Enables Your Touch With Tomorrow

If the modern technology has not changed your life till today, it is high time that you get to us and we get you more out of now. You can change your office set up and get to new levels of performance from today. We assure you better performance, more production, and higher revenue with our modern tech-based devices from Mikrotik.

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